“We live once"
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168 cm




56 kg

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I rarely drink


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About me

I like to try new things, I'm not shy in fact.. I don't like to waste time, let's spend what we can in a pleasant and useful way together.. I like naturalness, as you can see in me.. I have a rather edgy and loud nature.. no I'm shy actually..

Looking for

Write to me, we can discuss everything, it's just a matter of willingness.. I can't answer so please write if you like .. by all means send an email to the Uzi and a picture wouldn't hurt. who likes naturalness, excitement, overheated sex, erotica... be polite, I don't like spur-of-the-moment people or arrogant people... I'm looking for someone who wants me and can pamper me in every way... Please send me a picture and your email address I'm looking for a phone number where I can call you. Thanks

Bucket list

Ai wants to experience the following adventures with his/her future partner. Let Ai know which of these you would be interested in! Ai will be notified of the items you choose, which will also be included in the relationships menu so you can track your shared bucket list.


  Go to a pool party
  Visit the top of the Eiffel Tower
  Go skydiving together
  Go scuba diving in the ocean
  Get a tattoo
  See the northern lights in Norway
  A Caribbean cruise
  Take a gondola ride in Venice
  Walk on the Great Wall of China
  See the Taj Mahal in India
  Go on an African safari
  See the pyramids in Egypt
  Swim with the dolphins
  Ride an elephant in Thailand
  Have some sushi in Tokyo’s Harajuku district
  A VIP party with my favorite band
  A quiet wellness retreat
  Take a trip with the Trans-Siberian Express
  Go for a ride in a sports car
  Visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  Stroll along a white sandy beach in Mexico
  Dance the tango in Argentina
  See the Carnival in Rio
  Play the casino in Las Vegas
  Shop on Rodeo Drive
  Visit Niagara Falls
  Go horseback riding
  Go for a romantic trip to Paris
  Go whitewater rafting
  Go bungee jumping
  Vacation in Miami
  Go scuba diving in the Maldives
  Spend a weekend partying on a yacht in Ibiza
  Visit the Jukkasjärvi Icehotel in Sweden
  Enjoy champagne on a hot air balloon ride
  Climb up the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  Take a catamaran tour in the Seychelles
  Visit Disney World
  Travel around the world
  Have dinner on the beach
  Go boating on the Adriatic
  Fly on a private jet
  Visit New York
  Have champagne and dinner on a luxury yacht
  Drive through Toscana in a convertible
  Travel to Thailand
  Take a night-time helicopter over Budapest
  Try the best hotels
  Watch Formula 1 in Monte Carlo from a yacht while drinking champagne
  Sleep in an underwater hotel


Ai would love to travel, so if you have any advertised trips, ask her to join. Explore the world together!

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