“ Tégy önmagadért - velem !"
Spoken languages: Hungarian, English

Looking for:


Annual income:

Less than EUR 15.000

Net worth:

Less than EUR 100.000

Living standard:



178 cm




99 kg

Hair colour:


Eye colour:



Comprehensive school



Relationship status:







I rarely drink
Registered on: 2020-04-05
Last login: 2023-03-30


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About me

Szövetségest keresek ki benne van velem sok kalandba és fejlődésbe , egymásért vagyunk . Te is kellesz ahhoz hogy az életem része lehess .. Álljon elém az akinek nem hiányzik a szeretet - én felvállalom Légy jó mindhalálig !

Looking for

Becsüld meg a rajongásom - 80 körüli Hölgy társat szeretne Kérdeztem 80 évesen ? Válasz - Egy nő mindig is Nő marad . Egy férfi is szeretne mindig férfi maradni ..

Bucket list

Piper wants to experience the following adventures with his/her future partner. Let Piper know which of these you would be interested in! Piper will be notified of the items you choose, which will also be included in the relationships menu so you can track your shared bucket list.


  Picnicking in the park
  Go to a pool party
  Visit the top of the Eiffel Tower
  Go scuba diving in the ocean
  Get a tattoo
  See the northern lights in Norway
  A Caribbean cruise
  Take a gondola ride in Venice
  See the pyramids in Egypt
  Travel he famous Route 66
  Sing karaoke in an American bar, like in the movies
  Swim with the dolphins
  Ride an elephant in Thailand
  Box seats to a ballet premier at the Opera
  A quiet wellness retreat
  Take a trip with the Trans-Siberian Express
  Go skiing and snowboarding in the Alps
  Go for a ride in a sports car
  Visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  Stroll along a white sandy beach in Mexico
  Dance the tango in Argentina
  Play the casino in Las Vegas
  Shop on Rodeo Drive
  Visit Niagara Falls
  Go horseback riding
  Go for a romantic trip to Paris
  Go whitewater rafting
  Vacation in Miami
  Go scuba diving in the Maldives
  Spend a weekend partying on a yacht in Ibiza
  Dinner with wine tasting at Lake Balaton
  Climb up the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  Have dinner on the beach
  Go boating on the Adriatic
  Fly on a private jet
  Visit New York
  Spend a day boating on Lake Balaton
  See the tulips in Holland
  Have champagne and dinner on a luxury yacht
  Take a night-time helicopter over Budapest
  Camp under the stars
  Try the best hotels
  Watch Formula 1 in Monte Carlo from a yacht while drinking champagne
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My living standard

The category indicates the standard of living you would prefer to enjoy with your partner.

I would spend less than 500 EUR
on our relationship every month
I would spend EUR 500-1500 EUR
on our relationship every month
I would spend between 1500 and 3000 EUR
on our relationship every month
I would spend at least 3000 EUR
on our relationship every month

*Mark the CLASSY or LUXURY standard of living category only if you buy the appropriate number of virtual diamonds within 24 hours of choosing the setting. That proves to sugar babies that you can provide them with a CLASSY (1-4 diamonds) or LUXURY (at least 5 diamonds) standard of living.

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