Puncs.com opens a window to the world we all wish to live in.

The Puncs.com dating site is all about happiness, something we all seek. Who wouldn't want to travel with pleasant company, relax, attend exhibitions, openings, have candlelit dinners, sip their favorite cocktail on a sailboat, or simply unwind in a secluded yet beautiful hotel to escape the everyday fatigue? Here you can find your companion with whom you can experience these moments and explore the joys of true love.

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Ready for an adventure because life is a wonderful journey!

Why choose Puncs.com?

Diamond membership for verified millionaires.

Discreet and secure

International website, you can meet foreign sugar babies and sugar daddies.

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Who is this website for?

For people who seek experienced companions and want to make each other mutually happy. The Puncs.com dating site is about human relationships, which are the most important path to mutual happiness. Adventure awaits; life is a wonderful journey!

What our members have to say

What is a sugar relationship?

Life can be sweet as sugar. It’s a question of determination to find the partner who is ideal for us and makes us happy. Everyone has an idea how they want to live their life. Dreams are worth pursuing and realizing. If your life can be sweet as sugar why shouldn’t you find an experienced partner who can offer that sweetness?

The essence of a sugar relationship is to enjoy opportunities together and to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

The operators of Puncs.com will remove all profiles that violate the values of the sugar lifestyle.


Attractive women or men (Sugar Boys) looking for happiness and a carefree life. They appreciate gallantry and attention and are willing to begin a new life by the side of their partner.

  • Attractive young people seeking their Sugar Daddy.
  • Looking for open and sincere relationships
  • They meet your needs!
  • Helping you enjoy yourself!
  • Offering the perfect relationship
I will be a sugar baby


A successful man or woman (sugar mommy) who knows what he (or she) wants. He/she has worked to guarantee his/her livelihood and is now looking for a partner to share his/her life with.

  • Experiences and successful people.
  • They can provide you with psychological and financial safety!
  • Offer guidance in the labyrinth of life!
  • Show you how to live life to the fullest!
  • Are charming and caring!
I will be a sugar daddy

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